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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

What YOU Can Do To Bring Awareness

Today I received a phone call from an ER doctor who works with an ER doctor friend of mine. There's been another "choking game" death in our area, about an hour away. Another young boy. Another family broken hearted and in a fog. The doctor was going to give the mom Matthew's Website address, and if she reads this, know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. My heart is heavy for you tonight.

I've had people ask what they can do to bring awareness, besides most importantly talking to their children. I received an e-mail for a support group I am in, suggesting a "letter should be sent by any adult concerned about the dangers of the choking game to any community leader (school principal, church president, sports league chairman, etc.) that has the contact information of parents. The letter alerts the community leader about the choking game and requests that the leader send an appropriate alert letter to all parents he or she has contact information for."

The e-mail I received gives a link to a copy of the e-mail on-line along with various sample letters that can be sent and an actual principal's letter. Please help out. CLICK BELOW: