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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More construction & Job Interviews

This will be a short update as it's been a busy day, and we just got back from the kid's AWANA program. Yesterday Norm's 2 brothers and 1 brother-in-law came over and spent a lot of time helping Norm with the bathroom. His one brother did a lot of the electrical work and the other two got a lot of boards and drywall up. It's moving along! We are so thankful for this helping and encouragement through this. We were even blessed with a good meal and dessert from Norm's sister-in-law. Saturday a group of men are coming from church to help out. We are thankful.

Today Norm had a job interview for a "Programming Engineer" Position. It's about a 20 minute drive from our home, which is not bad. It is 2nd shift, AGAIN, which we are not thrilled about, but it's hard to get into a new place around here with avoiding it. He also has another job interview tomorrow (Thursday) for a Tool CNC Machinist Job. It's a little bit further drive, which he is not as thrilled about, also because this too is a 2nd shift job. He would really prefer the Programming Engineer position, and they may let him know by Friday. He was the first one they interviewed. So, at least the job interviews are coming along. That is good. It's just the "unknowns" and "uncertainties" at this point. Pray that both Norm & I can have a good attitude and be grateful if a 2nd shift job opens up. It's hard on me with LONNNGGG evenings with the children, and especially for Stephen (17) Norm would not see him as much throughout the week (no family dinners with everyone throughout the week, and we do eat most of our dinners together).

Stephen "thinks" the car WILL get fixed in automotive class tomorrow. THey finally found the loose wire and will solder it and get it working. That will be a great relief if that happens.

Jayson is seeing an orthodontist in the morning, as a refer from our dentist. Since the accident, Jayson's jaw has been locking up quite bad. So, we have to see what can be done.

Thanks for praying.



Blogger Teena said...

Praying for the interviews. Also for Jayson's jaw. We will pray for the 2nd shift thing.

Mom to 1/2 dozen

2/25/2005 2:39 PM  

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