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Friday, August 19, 2005


Because of lifestyle changes and drastically cutting our budget, I have not had any magazine subscriptions in quite some time, and what a blessing to be able to receive this magazine for a year just for reviewing it. The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is not a "cheap-throw-together-copied" magazine, but has a very professional look with over 200 pages. All the pages (NOT just the cover) are a high quality glossy finish, and the content is something homeschoolers can keep going back to for encouragement and ideas.

The Summer 2005 is their International Homeschooling and Special Needs edition and the first one I am reviewing. I could give you SO many things I loved, but I'd be giving "too much away" and want you to get this magazine and be blessed by it. So, here are some highlights:
  • Only a few pages in, there are two full pages all 26 of the contributing writers and editors, along with their pictures and a little info on each. As I read through the articles, it was nice to refer back to that or visit their webpages that may have been also listed.

  • There is a great article introducing HomeschoolBlogger.Com where you can read many of the blogs of the contributing writers of The Old Schoolhouse, and meet other homeschoolers blogging away. One of my favorite paragraphs of this article is by one of the editors, Christine Field (yes, who also has a blog) who described a blog: ". . . like watching life from a log floating down the river. You can look at what's ahead, glance to either side, or contemplate what you've already passed."

  • Personally, I was especially blessed by an editorial called "Spotting a Fellow Stranger" by Jenefer Igarashi (Senior Editor & Director of Public Relations), who encouraged women to not just fit into the "worldly view" which even includes Christian women's groups that glorify women more than God and to be careful who our groups and friends are. "We are told that there will be tares among us, wolves among us, deceivers and divisive ones among us. No, having a Christian label slapped on something means nothing. We are to be strangers here. I Peter 2:11. We are simply passing through. If we look, sound, dress, talk, and operate as the world and if we are indiscernible from the world, then something has gone terribly wrong." She encourages us to teach our children to not to just to be "cool" and to make sure we as moms are "in the right group with my 'fellow strangers,' with the meek, the ready to serve, with the timid, humble, and lowly. And He is very gracious; I am priviledged to have godly friends who are tremendous examples of that." This article was very convicting and reassuring to me.

  • Another very precious article to me, "Every Good and Perfect Gift", regarding several families who went through the heartache of losing a baby and/or child. Tears flowed as I could understand the pain of these moms.I need not say more, if you are reading my blog.

  • There are numerous articles on how homeschooling is growing around the world. One article spoke of a family adopting a girl from China, and what a testimony it was to share with Chinese officials their desire to homeschool their adopted daughter, to identify her gifts and abilities, and the Chinese officials were excited and in favor of their homeschooling. When sharing with the people there, many would say "Lucky children. Blessed children." Because of the moral and ethical decline in the UK, homeschooling is growing, yet with opposition from the government. This and another article regarding homeschooling in Switzerland and Germany, show us the need to pray for Christians wanting to homeschool their children.

  • Other articles include homeschooling a child with Down Syndrome and another with Autisim. Curriculums are compared and personal stories of families homeschooling and how and what they do are of great interest. Bible memorization, telling your children stories, interviews with authors of homeschooling books, arts and crafts, health, readers' feedbacks, product reviews, contests, and even cartoons, will keep you coming back to read more and be encouraged in your daily walk of homeschooling.

  • Last but not least, there are wonderful, descriptive advertisements, many with links to their webpages. There are a lot of ads, yet, I love the variety and ideas these too bring.

You won't want to miss their website either which includes free history plans and worksheets, several e-mail lists, and much more encouragement and links.

I love The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Though in "magazine style" it's more like a book, packed with information for the family just beginning or new ideas for the family, like us, who has been homeschooling over 13 years. You won't be disappointed, and their is no better time with the great offer of 19 free gifts with a subscription, an almost $300 value.

NOTE: As a Mind & Media Reviewer, I was not compensated for providing this review. I received a complimentary subscription in order to review it and am thankful for this opportunity.


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