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Friday, September 16, 2005

Magazine Review: RARE JEWEL - July/August

I was immediately impressed when I received my first complementary copy of this magazine, Rare Jewel. The name, coming from the Scripture verse Proverbs 20:15 "Lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel" is full of Christian insights to help us to take strong stands and to better understand why we believe what we believe. It is a very high quality magazine, with glossy pages throughout, bright brilliant pictures that are almost worth considering framing (if you want to take your magazine apart). Portions of the articles from each issue can be read on their webpage, and are linked below.

Each magazine addresses major issues in the light of a Christian worldview. This issue, "In the Beginning" is about creation vs evolution, interviewing well-known personalities, such as Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis, who speaks on "The Church Has Not Taken A Stand on the Authority of the Word and also from Dr. Carl Wieland who is from Answers in Genesis and an article on the "Intelligent Design" of creation.

In the center of this magazine is a beautiful two page layout of pictures of God's great creations from rainbows to a butterfly. On the page is written a beautiful piece as the author observe's these creations.

On another full-page of this magazine is "The Declaration of Dependence"which is a new kind of petition to restore our nation's Christian foundations. The point of it is to show how our original Declaration of Independence was to declare independence from Great Britain but also declare our nation's dependence on God, of which the last, America has neglected. The new Declaration of Dependence mandates a reflection and a renewal of this commitment. You can read this whole Declaration of Dependence, and take a stand and sign it.

This magazine is for the whole family and one you can proudly have out on your coffee table. I would also highly recommend it for the homeschooling family. This issue for July and August would work well for those doing unit studies, and have a month or two just concentrating on all the information within the magazine, and then digging deeper. There's even some good Christian cartoons in it!

The September/October issue of Rare Jewel Magazine is about the The Next Great Awakening, which I will be reviewing soon.

NOTE: As a Mind & Media Reviewer, I was not compensated for providing this review. I received a complimentary subscription in order to review it and am thankful for this opportunity.


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