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Friday, December 09, 2005

"Journal in a Jar" Idea

I receive a e-mail newsletter from "Debt-Proof Living" (use to be called Cheapskate Living). Mary, the author, gave a neat idea for a "Journal in a Jar". This would be a neat assignment for your children to put together to give to a special friend or grandparents. As a homeschool mom, the ideas start running for the older teens to be able to write on for the coming year! Here is the newsletter, along with links to be able to do this:

The idea is to assemble in a glass canning jar (or a box) everything your recipient needs to write the story of his or her life. Possibly the most fun element of this gift is the year's worth of specific questions that will act as daily idea starters for your recipient's journal-writing, like: Why was your name chosen for you? What was happening in the world when you were born? What is your personal secret to happiness? You can include as many questions or prompts as you like, however, 365 ensure a complete journal that touches on all areas of a person's life. Once completed, you will want to add a tag or card that explains what this is and how the recipient will use it: "Recipe for Your Life History. The purpose of this gift is to help you preserve a written account of your life.

Instructions: Combine a generous slice of your life history, a dash of nostalgia, several cups of facts and feelings and (the number you come up with) deliciously interesting questions. Draw one slip of paper each day until all are gone. Paste or write the question at the top of a blank page. Fill in your answer. Enjoy the memories that celebrate something very important ... You!"

Not just a great gift idea for parents and grandparents, this is an idea for kids, too. Draw a picture of your favorite pet or animal. Draw a picture of your favorite thing todo in the summertime. Draw a picture of your favorite place to go. Draw a picture of your favorite thing to do with Grandma or Grandpa.

For an older child or teen: Tell about your favorite pet. What kind of animal is it? When did you get him/her? Tell about your hardest day at school. What is your favorite band? Adapt your questions and prompts so the result will be more detailed and the answers more complete and specific. Make it fun by including questions you know will make the person laugh because the answers are so hilarious. Add a nice blank journal with plenty of pages. Attach one or more nice pens.

To help you get going I have posted hundreds of questions/prompts for all age groups, as young as 5 and as old as 105,
at my Web site. You can copy and paste to your word processing program, then add your own unique questions. Print, cut apart and drop them into the jar or other container.

Journal in a Jar is not a gift you can make on Christmas Eve. You need to get started now. And while you're at it, make one for yourself. Your finished journal will become a legacy for your children.


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