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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Stephen Got an 8 Pt. Buck!! :)

We are all pretty excited tonight! Stephen got an 8 pt. buck - a nice lookin' heavy one. This is his third deer he's gotten - 2nd buck. But, it's the first one with his rifle - the other two he got with his bow (the first one at age 14!)

It was our first day of snow here. He was quite cold, and up in his tree stand, and decided to call it quits. He's been hunting at a friend's who have quite a bit of acreage. He got back to his truck, and unloaded the ammunition, and was about to leave when he heard two shots from a distance. He knew it would send some deer towards him. He was parked near some big round hay bales. He put one bullet in, and waited, and three deer showed up. He took a shot - no fire. He took another shot - no fire again. He then realized he had the safety on! The two does left, but the buck stayed. He took a shot and got it right through the lungs. For the hunters who want to know more "details" it was a 30/30 rifle - Lever Action type. He shot about 75 yards, the deer ran twenty yards and dropped. There were some other hunters who were nearby that helped him load it up in his truck. (Stephen is looking over my shoulder to make sure I have these details very correct!!) He came home honkin' up the driveway. We knew right away he must've gotten a deer! Our children were all just so excited to share his excitement. He gutted it with his dad, and had a real "show and tell" after church tonight. :)

So, we will probably be busy Friday canning up lots of yummy venison. We really like it canned. It takes a lot of the wild taste away, and never have to worry about losing all our meat if the electricity goes out. It also makes for quick meals, since it's already cooked up. And canning meat is MUCH easier than veggies. I think we will have a few roasts from it and Stephen wants to make some jerky too.

I am thankful he enjoys doing this, and what a wonderful blessing to have this meat for our family.


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