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Saturday, December 10, 2005

CHOKING GAME UPDATE - The numbers are getting higher

I am going to keep this post as my second or third post to be able to update this, but will only keep the last month's news up, and have now on the side of the blog, a permanent box with deaths and news. Since our son died from the choking game, we feel it so important to continue to get the word out so other families do not go through the heartache we continue to go through.

12-10-05 11 year old Boy Dies - "boy was 'an average 11-year-old boy' who came from a "very stable, loving" home."

12-05-05 - Schools Warned About Choking Game - For the most part this article bothers me because it could actually give kids ideas in how/what to try for the choking game. However, there was one part, which shows the choking game death numbers even higher: "The National Association of School Nurses estimates between 500 and 1,000 young people nationwide suffer brain damage or die each year after playing the game."

11-13-05: Appleton, Wisconsin - Exposing a Deadly Game - Excellent article

11-12-05: Detroit, Michigan - The Choking Game - "In 2004, nationwide up to 500 children died from playing the choking game. That number does not include those who suffered strokes or memory loss."

11-11-05 - Ferndale, Michigan - Parents warned of dangerous 'choking' game

11-08-05 Dangerous 'Choking Game' Gaining Popularity "Brain damage, disability and in some cases even death," Dr. Lisa Miller, a pediatrician said. "It's just children who are looking for interesting way to experiment with their bodies. They're walking the fine line of life and death."

11-08-05 Teens Dying from the Choking Game - "Dee Hodges' son [Trever, 11] died six weeks ago. The sixth grader loved, fishing, soccer, spending long summer days at the sandpit, and being with his sister. . . his father wanted to go thru the pain of of telling his sons story so that even in death his son can shine a light on dark trend ..and possibly save a young persons life. 'So I just want people to know the kids and parents ..they call it the pass out game..and it's not a game.. what I seen that day is not a game at all.' "

11-04-05 'Choking Game' Becoming Deadly Fad For Adolescents - "Nationwide, about 30 kids have died from playing the deadly game . . . Coroners across the country are reversing their suicide rulings as they learn more about the choking game."

11-04-05 Special Report: The Choking Game - "While it has been around for decades, some experts say the Internet has helped it grow in popularity. Our own search uncovered a number of chatrooms featuring the subject. So, if you think your child doesn’t know about it, think again. 'I hear about it in the private schools, I hear about it in the public schools,' Sam says."

10-26-05 Mother, school try to raise awareness of 'choking game' - It again shows the importance of getting the information out on this dangerous game. I've been questioned why I write this blog - it's important kids & parents know the dangers of this game. We didn't know. But we know already families reading this blog and Matthews Memorial Page have found out their kids are aware, and by God's grace interveened to prevent another fatal accident.

10-18-05 About the choking game was on NBC's Inside Edition today.

10-17-05 Have you warned your kids yet? Choking Game Can Be Deadly For Kids

10-14-05 Kyle Kelly McCarthy - a 13 year old boy from Appleton, Wisconsin died this week suffered a brain injury while attempting to get high playing ``the choking game.''


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