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Friday, March 03, 2006

Our Short Stories

I've been thinking about this for the last 24 hours, about a gal I've known just on-line for several years who died on Wednesday after giving birth to her 5th child. I find no better words than to share Ann's post from the ChoosingHome Blog, which she titled, There Are Only Short Stories.
"Live well.
Missey did just that. Passionately so.
Yesterday, March 1st,
Missey, home educating Mama to 4, swollen with the hope of babe #5, got up and blogged about her day. A day just like any other day:

I have another ultrasound, dr. visit, and non-stress test today so I will update y’all this evening. So far things have been going well.

Missey didn’t update us. Missey is now home with Jesus. For various reasons, at that scheduled doctor’s appointment, the doctor decided it best for Missey to have the baby….and within an hour of birthing beautiful daughter number 4 (babe #5) a bloodclot ushered Missey from the waiting room on this side…. into the forever, never-ending drama of eternity. Please pray for 3 little girls who miss their Mama, a little boy who will hardly remember his Mama, one tiny Mama-less newborn…and one man who just wants to hold his bride again….all cupped in the hollow of one caring Father’s hand.

Live well, ladies. Write your stories with gusto, passion, and fervency. We all only write short stories.

Galatians 6:10 Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people....

What good can I do today? If today were my last….and it just might be….what good would I do? Anyone I need to pick up the phone and call—and leave with the right words? What would my last writing entry say? What is one thing I would choose to do—-with those precious kids He’s given? And with that grand man to whom I promised “until death do we part”?

I’d better do it. Today might be all I have. And you?"

I know another mom, who could have easily had a story cut short too. She was pregnant with her 8th child - and taking another child in for a doctor's check-up. She almost cancelled the appointment because of sick children at home and was quite short with her children and snapped at several of them as she was leaving. Her children and husband saw her leave upset - but let her go. She wanted to make sure the child she was taking to the doctor was ok. She had contractions all the way to the doctor's office - but did not think it unusual. Just barely sitting in the doctor's office, she thought her water had broken - only to find out she was hemorhaging. This doctor's office was right next to the hospital, and she was rushed there to learn that her baby in her had died because of a placenta abruption and her life was in great danger. The doctor was very concerned about a c-section with how much blood she had already lost and was trying for an induction to work, which it did not. Her husband just barely made it to the hospital as her blood pressure dropped, and she was rushed for out for an emergency c-section to save her life. This Christian doctor sensed the family's love for children and though he was not able to save the baby within her, he was able to, with God's help, to save this mother, and save her womb so she would be able to have more children. He sat by her bedside for many hours just in case she hemorhaged again. She was later told had she been at home and this happened, she would not have lived. It was devestating to this family to lose their precious little girl, they named Angela Hope. They were able to give her a beautiful funeral service and honor her short brief life. Several weeks later as the parents were saying prayers with their children before they went to sleep, their second oldest son, Matthew, said with tears in his eyes, "Mommy, I am so glad you did not die that day, because you were mad when you left, and that would have been bad if you died and you left us with being mad at us all."

Yes, my heart melted, and tears flowed - not then for the baby I never got to know on earth, but for the pain I caused in my children, and for joy that God gave me another chance - and to make things right. It was definitely all planned out by God to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right doctor. And, it's something I try to remember now - what are our good-byes like? How many times should we turn around or get out of bed, and make things right? The story of Missey above, could have been me 8 years ago. How would my children have remembered me? What if my story . . . or your story on earth was to end today, how would the last chapter read?

There is a photo of Missey and a tribute set up at HomeSchoolBlogger.Com where you can learn a little more about her. They also have an address to send cards to the family. You can also read her obituary here.


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