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Monday, May 16, 2005

Firsts & Finalities

Last week was overall a pretty good week, though busy. I see how Norm and I are going through the different waves of this grieving, and now Norm is having some more lower days. His mom noticed it too. He is working more outside, especially with the small engine repair, and Matthew, though he did not enjoy it much, would help him. Matthew also would mow the lawn with one of the other boys, and Norm mowed for the first time this past Saturday - another first. I think he liked the quiet time, yet reflected a lot on how Matthew use to do this. Norm taught one of the girls to also do it too since two of the boys have part-time jobs and we have close to 3 acres, and so, just another "newness" to get use to.

We also sold Matthew's car today. After our other two boys got in their accident, Stephen did use the car some, and then Matthew's car broke down, and Stephen repaired it in his auto class, but since, it's been just sitting in our driveway - another continual reminder of Matthew's first, and only car. Just another part of the broken dreams - even though "material". He did not have his license long. He wanted a "cooler" car eventually. He was such a big, lanky kid getting into it. We were thankful it sold quickly. It's gone now. Another finality. Norm was teary-eyed when he came in from the sale, and just in a very quiet mood today. The heart of an aching father. We have been through such ups and downs and seeing him hurt in a new way just tears at my heart, and am praying I can be strong for him as he was for me so often.

We finally got more puppies in, and are thankful for God's provisions. Even though Norm keeps sending out resumes, even different areas than "tool & die", we see how the work comes in at the right time, and we make ends meet not of our own doing and keeps Norm home. Especially for him now, I think it's good he can be surrounded with his family.

Thanks for your continued prayers.


Blogger Girl in Progress said...

I'm so sorry to read of your loss. I can't even imagine, and as I read your memorial site for Matthew, I cried..just the reality of such a tragedy happening is devastating.

I too know that our Christian kids, can fall into temptations & worldly practices. I have learned that with my almost 15 y.o son, but it's nothing like Matthews situation.

I just talked to him today after reading the warnings & information. I'm relieved to learn its not widely talked about, however, without being too detailed my husband and I will discuss the dangers. I'm going to talk to our girls ages 12 & 11.

I can only pray for you, and place a link to your site, so others reading my blog can educate themselves of the reality of this practice. I've heard of it before, but it seems to be making a "comeback" with more vigor these days.

In Jesus,

5/20/2005 11:40 AM  

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