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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Our Very Sick Dog

It's one of those days, when I feel like saying "God we haven't denied you . . . but haven't we gone through enough right now . . . can't the kids' hearts heal a little . . . can't ours? "

Our 8 year old Sheltie Collie/Shepherd mix was acting very strange today. We knew the fireworks had spooked her and she kept going into hiding (as did our other dogs). But this morning she was walking real slow, and then had an accident in the house which she NEVER does. The boys asked tonight about doing somemore "poppers" outside, and I said "no" that it had really scared Mascott enough, so let's give the dogs a break . . .and even suggested finding her. All of a sudden, like with Matthew, Benjamin came running up the stairs, "something is wrong with Mascott . . . she is breathing but won't move . . .I think she's gonna die". We all ran downstairs, and she was in the workshop breathing hard, foamy at the mouth, moving her eyes, but nothing else. The younger kids kept saying "DO SOMETHING". Norm & one of the older boys put her on a blanket and got her outside. She wouldn't take any water. I in the meantime called our vet, and he asked if she had had seizures, but we hadn't seen any. He said to bring her in. It was after 9 pm, so Norm & I went - Benjmain wanted to go too, and sit by her. We told the older ones to get the younger ones in bed, and off we went.

Now generally with our animals we try to do all we can to stabalize them, and let nature take it's course. But the kids were just so upset. On our way to the vet, Mascott started thrashing all over the place, having a seizure. It really upset Benjamin. The poor boy has been through so much . . . now yet another dramatic thing. It's not a new thing with having animals die since we have raised goats, sheep, chickens, cats, kittens, puppies, etc., but this dog has been the kid's shadows for many years. While Stephen (oldest) worked at the horse stables, she'd follow him, or follow the kids to the golf course next door, or fishing.

We got to the vet's office before he did, but he pulled up shortly after us, and by then Mascott was not thrashing anymore. We got her into the office, and he gave her two shots - one to try to end seizures and to help with any toxins in her - if she got into something. He also gave her a calcium shot to help her muscles. We put her into a large cage, and when we did she did pick up her head. But her eyes were not responding well. So, it's a wait and see thing. The vet said he'd stay with her awhile tonight, and goes into the office at 8 a.m. The kids are pretty concerned. Norm & I are more for them.

We love our animals and take good care of them, but certainly don't equal them with our children. But, we are all attached to them. It's just that it's just seemed like so much for the kids - Matthew died, then the girl's bird died , their cat died (while giving birth), and now Mascott is so sick. We also really cannot afford a big vet bill. We cannot prolong something at the vet - not trying to be insensitive - but our children are our first responsibility, and it's tight enough right now to add this in.

As I am typing this, our chocolate lab keeps wandering around looking for Mascott. She senses something is wrong too. Actually she is the one that led Benjamin to Mascott. She was whinning, and circling Benjamin, when he was calling out Mascott's name and then led her down the stairs to Mascott, still whinning. I brag about my kids - but my dogs are smart too! :)

So, I am praying that the Great Physician who even knows when the little sparrow falls, will put His hand on Mascott and heal her. If He decides not, that once again, our kids can get through another healing here, and it's not too much of a step backwards. The youngest 5 would never remember even being without her.
Here's a picture of our 3 dogs.

Left Back - Mascott (Sheltie Collie/Shepherd Mix)
Left Front - Holly (poodle/cocker spaniel mix)
Right - Eowyn - Chocolate Lab (was Matthew's)


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