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Monday, April 10, 2006

BOOK REVIEW: Help! Mom! Hollywood is in my Hamper!

This is the second book I am reviewing, by this author, Katharine Debrecht. The first book I reviewed was Help! Mom! There are Liberals Under My Bed! and this review will be similiar in my thoughts regarding it.

This book, Help! Mom! Hollywood's in My Hamper! is again more for teenagers and adults, though many adults may find it too sarcastic and not funny at all. There is quite a bit of mockery in the book, that I would not want to condone, in having my children read. We have talked often about dressing modestly, and not being "of the world" yet it's not done in a mocking way, but to do as pleasing unto God. Some of the characters in the book my children are not even that aware of such as Madonna and Barbara Streisand. My homeschooled children do not want to dress like the rest of the world - nor would a lot of it even be allowed (ie short shirts/skirts, low cut dresses/tops, etc). Yet, there are families whose children see how others are dressed and are certainly influenced by it, which in turn is coming from Hollywood.

This book might help an older teen understand why we should not follow Hollywood's example of dress, however, the pictures seem geared more for young children. One of the very first pages shows young children coloring. This is not the age that would take this book to heart yet, a teen seeing these pages, might be turned off right away thinking this book is for "little kids" by its pictures. Also some of the ideas that are illustrated as far as how someone might dress is over dramitized, and as far as my standards, not even pictures I would want my children to see (low cut dresses). Some of it is just plain foolishness too. One example is copying someone who wears a flowerpot on her head. It needs to be more realistic if we want to draw children in.

Overall, I do believe this book is better than the other book I reviewed by the same author. Children at least will be able to understand this one more. I do not believe this book would influence my children or many of the friends of my children, but there are those teens that are influenced and this may help them make more decent decisions on their clothing. It might be a good book to donate to a local library or leave in a hospital waiting room or coffee shoppe! Maybe it will get some parents to think about how their teen is dressed!

NOTE: As a Mind & Media Reviewer, I was not compensated for providing this review. I received this complimentary book in order to review it and am thankful for this opportunity.

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