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Thursday, January 20, 2005

"Death Games" similar to Matthew's death

I am not going to write much on this, but as more people see this blog, if one thing comes out of Matthew's death, we want parents aware of what our children are exposed to. We believe Matthew learned of it from TV. In talking to parents over these past 5+ weeks, we have heard numerous ones say, they saw it talked about on Oprah, and a story-line on it on CSI. It's real. And many teenagers think they will play the game right, and not die. Matthew played the game - he died. It hurts so bad to know he tried this and we just don't want another family to go through the same pain we have and will continue to go through.

Here is a link I have on our webpage. This link is very explicit in spelling out what this game is.
"The Autoerotic Asphyxiation Syndrome in Adolescent and Young Adult Males"

Also here are two newspaper articles of recent deaths in Florida. These are not nearly as explicit, but do talk about what these young boys did.

Kids are playing with death. It's hard to know how much detail to tell our kids without giving them ideas. But for our children, we have told them, if there is any game someone tells you to play with holding your breath, puting something around your neck, continously doing the Heimlich Maneuver until one passes out and them comes to for a "high", etc - DON'T mess around with and tell us. Not only have we had to tell our children in the past about don't drink or mess with drugs, becareful of strangers, don't let others touch you in private places, now here is a new one I never imagined of. This is just the beginning - I don't want to know more, and I know there is a lot more out there kids are messing around with. We thought our children would be blinded from this, being homeschooled, in a conservative church setting, working for Christians, and yet, Matthew learned about the game, and lost. It's scary. And it is more heartbreaking than you will ever know, unless you go through it.


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