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Monday, March 14, 2005

We Need a Van - Norm's Job, etc.

We try to be careful what is written on here, but Norm told me today since so many are reading this and praying for us, to let a need known. We had a 12 passenger van that we sold last summer. It was having problems, and the man that bought it knew about it all, and it helped us financially. When we all go out together, which is generally only church, Norm and our oldest son drive. If we go to grandparents or visit at a friends, we just drive two vehicles. But the kids, even our oldest who is more independent, have really been wanting to do something "special" together as a family, so we are seeking out trying to find a "good cheap 15 passenger van". This "special" means - day visits - just being able to all go away for the day as a family, or to be able to go visit someone, including Norm's brother that lives in Pennsylvania, that we have not been there in many years (8+???)

Norm had thought he found "the one" on Saturday, after looking through eBay. He bid on it, and then went with our boys 2 1/2 hours one way to see it. It was coming from a church and the people were real friendly and hopeful we would get it. Norm got back home about 10 minutes before the bidding ended, and bid again. But in the "excitement" of it, the last time he bid, he forgot to put in the decimal point and the cents, and it ended. He was so discouraged. It was just a little over $1,000 and ran good. It needed new brakes, but our son Stephen can do that now (and just got state certified). But, for some reason, it was not meant to be, and God must have something better planned, or is telling us to just wait.

If you know someone in the Michigan area who is trying to sell a 15 passenger van, this is what we are looking for! We need to find a good price, and not have to put a lot of money into it either once we get it. We would consider a 12 passenger, which is what we had before, but if we want to go on any trip, it just does not give us any room to store stuff.

Our children are growing up so fast, and I think especially with Matthew's death, we just know how important our time is with our family and making memories, and "being there" for them.

Many have asked how Norm's job search is going. He continues to send out resumes to places in the tool & die field. In Michigan, though it seems to be getting somewhat better, the tool & die field has suffered a lot, and the pay rate has gone down considerably. Norm knows he will have to take at least half of what he made before. But, we know too, we can live on a lot less. Norm does not want a job with a lot of extra overtime hours. It's not worth the time away from the family. He does not want to drive any further than 40 minutes one way.

When Norm was laid off the last time, he put full-time work into small engine repair, repairing mainly lawnmowers, tillers, snowblowers, etc. He did get work, but advertising was expensive in getting the work. He continued sending resumes out, and then did get a temporary job at a tool & die place, but was only for a few months, as they slowed down.

Norm's heart's desire is to try to find something so he can be home and work out of our home and be with our children and be a big part in training and raising them. (Please do NOT send us MLM opportunities - we've been there, and will not do that!!) I think he feels this even more strongly after losing Matthew, and feels he missed out on opportunities with him. He is not giving up on an outside job, and continues to apply, but wonders too why the door is continual shut to this. We also have a home business we mainly do through the spring, summer and fall, that we are licensed for have have been doing for over 10 years called Puppy Halfway House, which is taking in puppies and finding homes for them. Last year, because of Michigan economy it was slower than normal, but we think this year might be better. We will be starting this back up in a few weeks, when it gets a little warmer. I also have been making bracelets, which has helped pay for some of our utility bills, and I really enjoy doing it and keeping my hands busy. Norm has been doing a lot with the remodeling, but also selling things on eBay, and it's been neat to see how God provides. We just need a clear direction for the future, and are hoping thing will fall into place in the way He desires.

So, we'd greatly appreciate your prayers for the direction Norm should go regarding a job and the opportunity to find a 15 passenger van that would suit our family. It may be that our puppy business will really boom this spring and be a clear direction to go for now. It is something we can all do as a family, and our children love handling the pups. And, it's easy to not take in pups, when we need some time off - to go on a trip in our van! :)

We've had some better days. Lots of talking. We are still struggling with the colds, and several of the younger children had to go on to antibiotics after fighting a fever for over a week. So, prayfully we are on the mend with this! Thank you for the many e-mails, but most of all your prayers and caring.



Blogger Teena said...

Dear Loni,
It is late and I could not sleep. I tried to post the other night here and on Luke's site and the blog would not let me. I am praying and you all are on my heart. Thank you so much for the updates. I will pray to about the van and Norm's job. For the Lord to make a way and a clear view! I did read the post before this one and loved the pictures and cried as I read....
your bracelets are beautiful as I ordered on last year (in Apr for a dear friend) and she loves it. I pray for all the ministries you have going and for God to bless and prosper them. It is amazing how much you have to offer and work as a family.... HUGS

even when I do not post.. I am here reading/praying.
In His grip,
mom to 1/2 dozen

3/15/2005 3:23 AM  

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