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Monday, April 17, 2006

Bartering a Red Paperclip?

one red paperclip Did you see, hear or read the story about the young man bartering a paperclip to eventually and hopefully get a house?? I first read this story in our local paper and then also saw it on CNN. He advertised on a webpage that he wanted to barter a red paperclip. With the items gets, he then barters those, hoping to get "bigger, better" things . . . leading to a house! On his blog, One Red Paperclip, he says he started this in July, and so far he has traded a fish pen, a door knob, a coleman stove, a red generator, Instant Party, a Skidoo, a trip to Yahk, a cube truck, a recording contract, and now the latest, a year's worth of rent in downtown Phoenix.

one red paperclipToday he was on CNN, and the Associated Press also released the story, thus being in many newspapers nationwide, including ours. He would like to see how many newspapers it actually goes into, and is asking for the actual articles to be sent to him, and then in return he will send you a RED PAPERCLIP!!

Now I am wondering . . . will these paperclips be worth anything?!?!? Can we barter them off too now?!?!?!

Can I barter my Mother's Bracelets I make??? Mother's Day IS coming!! Any takers? (Explode-The-Code homeschool books, cursive penmanship workbooks, Lamplighter books, homeschool magazine subscription, Fly Flot shoes or sandles, INCH homeschool convention tickets . . .or e-mail me with your ideas!)


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